Image of Wait for Dusk (Dark Days, Book 5)


Image of Wait for Dusk (Dark Days, Book 5)

The fifth Dark Days novel goes back to the perspective of fire starter vampire Mira. Drake’s world continues to be filled with treachery and deceit, making trust and loyalty major story themes. In keeping with the brisk pace, there is plenty of dark violence and bloody consequences. First rate as always!

Having just locked the dangerous Bori away from Earth, Mira is snatched away and ruthlessly beaten by a creature claiming to be her biological father. “Jack” is unhappy with Mira being a nightwalker and wants her to use the powers of her bloodline for his benefit. Jack expects results — and soon. Mira has been made a coven elder and her first assignment is to go to Budapest to rid it of a Naturi invasion. Suspecting a trap, Mira enlists the aid of her former enemy turned ally, Danaus. As the lives of Mira and Danaus entwine, their relationship may be key to their survival. (EOS, Aug., 384 pp., $7.99)
Reviewed by: 
Jill M. Smith