Minerva Arbuckle promises Gray Falconer she will await his return from the West Indies. The problem is he returns three years late.

Told he was dead, Minerva is taken aback when she sees him. Tall, muscular and exceedingly handsome, Gray professes his love for her and his wish that they still marry. But Minerva considers herself a modern woman with a mind of her own and though she still loves Gray, she is not so sure of marriage.

Gray tells her of his capture by pirates and being imprisoned on an island until he managed to escape. What he does not reveal is his suspicions of Minerva's madcap parents' involvement in his abduction.

He treads on shaky ground as he tries to win Minerva back into his arms. But there is more afoot than Gray's abduction and who is responsible, and Gray and Minerva soon find themselves involved in a wild conspiracy.

With a cast of zany characters, WAIT FOR ME is a charmingly humorous read. SPICY (Dec., 350 pp., $5.99)

Reviewed by: 
Joan Hammond