Set in Milwaukee, this poignant book reflects on the complex dynamics of drug addiction and the profound impact it has on the lives it touches.

Hard work and dedication finally gain Steve Thomas an esteemed position as associate professor at Eisner University, a goal that had been his main focus for 13 years. With that accomplished, the time has come for him to deal with his marriage—one that has been filled with loneliness, emptiness and problems.

Kristina Ingram, a counselor at the Eisner University Drug Crisis Center, knows it's wrong to lust after a married man, but she can't help herself. Steve is not only sexy, intelligent and fun, he's a good friend. If she can only get him to realize he isn't responsible for the problems of others, namely his wife's drug addiction, perhaps he could find happiness…maybe even with her.

Wiesner's ability to delve into her characters' psychological makeup to depict the sensitive topic of drug addition makes this an exceptionally powerful story. The second book of her Wounded Warrior series, this is a must-read. (Feb., 199 pp., $14.95)

Reviewed by: 
Tanya Kacik