Off the wind-swept coast of Northern Maine a lobsterman finds the battered body of a suicidal woman and brings her to the only medical practitioner in the isolated area, Dr. Ian Carrick.

Once a brilliant physician, Ian has become a recluse, living in a household of outcasts. He is hiding from the world and the strange power he possesses-a psychic gift that allows him to "see" into his patients' souls.

This delicate and special woman, called Selena, comes to Ian without memories. He can touch her without being assaulted by visions. A true innocent, she is open to what the inhabitants of his "sanctuary" have to offer. There's Ian's mother, whose madness nearly drove him away, the brilliant syphilitic Julian, the child-like Lara, the young boy whose quiet hides a wounded soul and the "mad" Queen. Selena brings joy into their dark world and restores hope and self-confidence in Ian.

Deeply in love, Ian will do anything to protect Selena and to keep her close. But when a figure from her past arrives, their fragile love is deeply threatened. Yet in this crazy world, it is the insane who prove to be the only rational beings and who clear the way for redemption and love.

Kristin Hannah uses her extraordinary talents to open new vistas in the genre. WAITING FOR THE MOON is an exquisite example of her inventiveness and unique ability to craft spellbinding stories that reach deeply into readers' hearts evoking strong emotions and a belief in the true magic of love. WAITING FOR THE MOON is a book that quietly speaks volumes to those who wish to listen with an open heart. More than a "keeper," here is a classic that plays with your heartstrings. SENSUAL (Nov., 400 pp., $5.99)

Reviewed by: 
Kathe Robin