Image of Waiting for Sunrise: A Cedar Key Novel


Image of Waiting for Sunrise: A Cedar Key Novel

Alternating between the past and the present, the reader gets a real sense for Patsy’s life — the joys and the sorrows that make her the woman she is today. Everson doesn’t whitewash the difficult parts of the story, which makes it all the more endearing and meaningful.

In the ‘40s, Patsy’s mother married her stepfather, Ira, because she didn’t have any way to support her family. Ira was a cruel man, beating both Patsy and her mother. After some leers in Patsy’s direction, her mother does what she thinks is best and sends Patsy to live with a couple far away. Although the new situation is good, Patsy spends her life longing for her mother and the brothers that she left behind. This affects her life in many ways, and she must confront the past in order to move toward a healthy future. (REVELL, Jun., 400 pp., $14.99)

Reviewed by: 
Melissa Parcel