In this second book of O'Clare's Sex Slaves series, former sex slave Dree of Torl finds that she is still enslaved. Her home planet has been destroyed, and her people are living under the rule of a ruthless, brutal king. They are mainly ignored, until the king wants a little sport. Then their numbers start dwindling. Determined to make things better for her people, Dree dares to approach King Sorale. While in the castle, and in grave danger, Marc Torin saves her life—and that's just the beginning.

Marc also has business with the king. His people are thriving, and now the king wants to increase their taxes. But Marc never gets his audience with the king. He spies a small, terrified woman in danger and they flee. Marc finds Dree different from anyone he's ever met.

Dree's fight to protect her people—and now Marc—is the driving force in her life. This series is filled with a lot of sex, violence and danger. While readers will like the strong heroine, her past life and current slave existence are often unsettling. (dl $5.95)
Reviewed by: 
Leigh Rowling