Returning home a wealthy man after a five-year absence, Jack Coltrane isnt prepared for the welcome he receives. He finds himself looking at the barrel of a hunting rifle held by his wife Meredith (Merry) Fairfax Coltrane.

Merry doesnt know whether to kiss him or kill him. Both are changed since that horrible night years ago when Jacks rake-hell father beat and threatened him, forcing the two into marriage so he could get his hands on Merrys money.

Jacks father is dead now and so are Cluny and Clancey, the two servants who cared for and loved them both.

But Cluny and Clancey are still hanging around; only Merry can feel them. These two fledgling shades have their work cut out for them, to help Jack and Merry admit their love and at the same time overcome the secrets and the shattering lies that can destroy it.

WAITING FOR YOU is sheer pleasure, as Ms. Michaels skillfully combines pathos with just the right amount of humor in her cast of characters. SENSUAL (Sep., 357 pp., $6.99)

Reviewed by: 
Joan Hammond