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Kenleigh, Lord de Montpellier, weds Gizela Talbot by proxy when she is but a child/woman, saving her from a life of misery. After years of separation, Gizela is traveling to King Edward's keep to finally see her husband. But she is greeted by the news that Kenleigh is dead.

Welsh chieftain and spy Rhys ap Cynan abducts Gizela, then sets her free. He encounters her again in the castle, where he is ready to protect her from Kenleigh's cruel brother and his schemes.

Though she is wary of Rhys, Gizela must trust him or be forced to wed her brother-in-law. She finds it difficult to understand the political games Rhys plays but becomes deeply mired with him in the tight web of intrigue and danger that is part of the Welsh fight for freedom and the treachery that surrounds the King.

Few can be trusted as they are forced to take to the forests as outlaws. Just who is the real traitor and how will they ever find peace? Their love holds them through all as friends become enemies.

This tightly-woven tapestry of 13th-century history will hold readers who adore Medieval romance. Ms. Ferguson stirs in just the right proportions of mystery, sensuality, romance and history to ensure your satisfaction. This is a truly talented author. SENSUAL (Mar., 368 pp., $4.99)

Reviewed by: 
Kathe Robin