Once more Katherine Kingsley works her magic, bringing together two unforgettable lovers in a story that lifts your heart and makes your soul sing.

Her father's dying wish is that young Serafina be betrothed to Aiden, the future Lord Delaware. Though the papers are signed, Serafina goes to Wales with her guardian, Aunt Elsbeth, and waits years for Aiden to come for her.

Aiden knows nothing of the betrothal until his father informs him he is to wed the heiress, Serafina. Aiden is none too pleased until he discovers that the nymph he met in a forest glade is his fianc.

Touched by the fairies, Serafina believes in old Earth practices and the magic of love, truth and beauty, which surprises Aiden almost as much as his attraction to her.

Though thrilled to be with Aiden, Serafina finds herself made unwelcome, especially by Aiden's crippled sister, Charlotte. As she strives to make a place for herself in Aiden's home and his heart, other forces are at work, strange and powerful forces that will propel Serafina and Aiden into danger and into the past to right a thousand-year-old wrong and find peace in the future.

You'll be utterly charmed by this original romance tinged with magic and overflowing with the power of love. Katherine Kingsley continues to break new ground with her unique love stories and this heart-lifting tale is no exception. Ms. Kingsley showcases her talents and gifts readers with another dreamspun romance. SENSUAL (Mar., 404 pp., $5.99)

Reviewed by: 
Kathe Robin