Image of Waking the Dead (Mindhunters)


Image of Waking the Dead (Mindhunters)

Brant continues her hot streak as she gives readers the next installment of
her transfixing Mindhunters series. The heroine's backstory and job history are different to say the least, making her interactions with other characters quite interesting. Brant also gives glimpses into the psyche of one of the killers as events unfold. This author is quickly carving out a place for herself in the psychological suspense genre.

Former child model, now forensic anthropologist Caitlin Fleming is good enough at her job to have earned her place at Raiker Forensics, but that doesn't stop people from making incorrect assumptions. While scouting for a new cave for clients to explore in the Oregon wilderness, former ranger turned adventure guide Zach Sharper discovers seven trash bags containing human bones.

The local sheriff calls in Caitlin to help with the identification, since the skulls are missing. Zach's services are commandeered, and he reluctantly agrees to escort Caitlin into the Willamette Forest to hunt for clues. To say they butt heads is an understatement, but if Caitlin is to stop a pair of careful and clever killers, she needs his local expertise. (BERKLEY SENSATION, Nov., 352 pp., $7.99)
Reviewed by: 
Jill M. Smith