Image of Waking the Dead (Cafferty & Quinn)


Image of Waking the Dead (Cafferty & Quinn)

Dark, dangerous and deadly! Graham has the uncanny ability to bring her books to life, using exceptionally vivid details to add depth to all the people and places — as if readers were the ones gazing at a Hubert masterpiece or walking through a disturbing crime scene. The relationship between Quinn and Danni is unusual, but their connection is undeniably strong, and they work together very well. Following the painting “Ghosts in the Mind” from its creation through its seemingly cursed existence is suspenseful and haunting, giving readers plenty to ponder as Quinn and Danni race to prevent more killings from taking place.

In 1816, Henry Sebastian Hubert invited the finest imaginations of the day, including Lord Byron and Percy Shelley, to a medieval castle. They created horrors previously unseen, using words and paint to tantalize and thrill, with Hubert painting a masterpiece that was fittingly titled “Ghosts in the Mind.” Now, Michael Quinn returns to help the New Orleans police department investigate a brutal murder that lacks any tangible evidence. Danielle Cafferty, a local artist who was part of a previous investigation involving possessed objects, is now involved with Quinn — although they are trying to go slowly despite the powerful pull of emotions. Together, and with the help of powerful and exceptional friends, they have to find the infamous painting to stop the evil that has come into their lives before it’s too late. (MIRA, Apr., 336 pp., $24.95)

Reviewed by: 
Anna Dougherty