WAKING UP WITH DR. OFF-LIMITS by Amy Andrews (4.5): Operating theatre nurse Jessica Donaldson has loved world-famous surgeon Adam Carmichael since she first met him three years ago. His recent work saving lives in third world countries has only made him more desirable. However, Jessie doesn't think she will ever have a chance to be with him because Adam is the older brother of Jessie's best friend. But when Jessie is assigned to help Adam with a surgery he is performing in their local hospital, it gives Adam the chance to see Jessie as a woman and professional, not just as his sister's friend. Little does Jessie know that Adam is attracted to her, but he has promised his sister that he will never date Jessie or break her heart. Despite all of the obstacles standing in their way, the pair embarks on a whirlwind romance. But will their differences tear them apart? This is a steamy tale that sizzles with passion, drama and sensuality. Amy Andrews will thrill readers with this fast-paced novel about love and medicine.

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Nas Dean