WALK INTO THE NIGHT is the remarkable saga of a young Comanche girl, Storm Trail, whose bravado leads her into mischief, which gets her tied to a young white captive.

Lucas has been waiting 16 years for something exciting to happen; though he never expects to be captured by Comanche and dragged off to the Comanchero along with a little minx dressed as a young warrior.

Lucas' bravery earns him his life and a chance to become a Comanche. Shedding his whiteman's mores, he adopts the Comanche lifestyle, gaining the respect of the tribe and the name White Raven.

Pledged to protect her people, Storm Trail fights her childish attraction to Lucas. Even when he proves his bravery against the Rangers, she fights her affection to the man known as White Raven.

As Lucas grows into a powerful warrior and Storm Trail becomes a woman, their love blossoms. Still, betrayal, treachery, and the whiteman's greed nearly destroy their people and their peaceful lives. Their love carries them through the harsh times.

Though hard in its picture of the Comanche's life and the trials they faced at the Rangers' hands, WALK INTO THE NIGHT is a triumphant novel, filled with the pride of a great people. Storm Trail and White Raven fight injustice and face hardship with true courage, earning our respect. Beverly Bird is truly a champion of Native Americans and a superb storyteller! SENSUAL (Jan., 448 pp., $5.99)

Reviewed by: 
Kathe Robin