Cleaning the restrooms of an empty funeral home after midnight is not how Summer McAfee planned to spend her Saturday night. As the owner of Daisy Fresh Janitorial Services, she rarely did these types of jobs herself anymore, but when her new Saturday night crew flaked out, Summer was stuck finishing the job.

Despite singing the theme from "Ghostbusters" under her breath, Summer finds the "deadly" quiet unnerving-even more so when she begins hearing strange noises.

The Harmon Brothers Funeral Home is one of her major accounts, however, and she can't afford to lose it. So Summer gathers up her courage and ventures into the back rooms, where, to her dismay, a badly abused naked male body lies stretched out on one of the preparation tables. As she bends to examine it more closely, the "dead" body reaches out and grabs the horrified Summer.

Disgraced former Tennessee cop Steve Calhoun knows he really will be a dead man unless he can get out of this place before his attackers return to dump his body in the crematorium. Kidnapping Summer and forcing her to help him escape is his only hope. Unfortunately, those who want Steve silenced are not far behind, and soon Summer and Steve are on a desperate ride for their lives.

Steve's former life collapsed around him when DeeDee, the wife of his best friend, apparently committed suicide after having an affair with Steve. The resulting scandal cost Steve both his career and his family. When DeeDee's ghost suddenly begins appearing to Steve, he begins to wonder whether DeeDee actually committed suicide, or was murdered. Can Steve and Summer solve this deadly puzzle before their pursuers track them down?

Bestselling author Karen Robards is in top notch form with this humorous and romantic tale of love and adventure on the run, expertly spiced with just a dash of the supernatural. (Nov., 343 pp., $5.99)

Reviewed by: 
Jill M. Smith