Murphy's fourth Walker Papers offering is another gripping, well-written tale of what must be the world's most reluctant -- and stubborn-- shaman. Joanne and her compatriots careen through a compelling and fast-paced story. Joanne's quick wit provides much-needed levity, as does the
unresolved subplot.

Joanne Walker thinks she finally has her life arranged. She's come to terms with her shamanic powers, her job as a detective is going well and she's dating. Too bad the universe has other plans.

Halloween is coming, and with it, the waking dead. A magic artifact has disappeared, Joanne's partner is being ridden by a few especially nasty ghosts and Joanne must figure out how to lay them to rest. (LUNA, Sep., 384 pp., $14.95)

Reviewed by: 
Natalie A. Luhrs