Image of Wallbanger (The Cocktail Series)


Image of Wallbanger (The Cocktail Series)

Clayton is a welcome voice in the romantic contemporary genre. Her newest release is aptly titled — a funny, madcap and romantic romp. Fast pacing, snappy dialogue, and a smooth flowing storyline will keep readers in stitches as two strong and well-defined protagonists begin the battle of the headboard. Love becomes a rocky road when the couple finds their journey to happily ever after littered with old romances, well-meaning friends and a cat with unusual tastes. I wholeheartedly recommend Clayton to everyone who enjoys sexy, funny and romantic couples.

When Caroline Reynolds agrees to sublet her boss’s apartment, she has no idea of the antics her next-door neighbor is involved in. Simon Parker is not a “relationship” kind of guy, as evidenced by the harem of women he’s involved with. When Simon’s late-night shenanigans finally push Caroline over the edge, she confronts him, only to discover that she’d like very much to involve herself in his shenanigans — and his heart. (GALLERY, Aug., 384 pp., $16.00)

Reviewed by: 
Tori Benson