Image of Waltz with a Stranger


Image of Waltz with a Stranger

Sherwood debuts with a lovely story where threads of family and friendship play an important role. Though this gentle tale holds no surprises, the evenly flowing plot and nicely written dialogue set the tone of the era and the characters’ motivation so well that readers will be enchanted. Sherwood will certainly find a following among Grace Burrowes’ readership.

Injured after a riding accident and shy of society, Aurelia Newbold shares a dance with a handsome stranger. It is a harmless flirtation, since she will be leaving for Paris. A year later they meet again: James Trelawney is now engaged to her twin sister, Amy. Dancing with Aurelia in the moonlight was a magical moment for James and possibly one reason he became engaged to Amy. Though Aurelia is more confident and bold now, she would never steal Amy’s fiancé and masks her pain. They are constantly thrust together, and James finds it increasingly difficult to ignore his true feelings. But there are surprises in store when they risk scandal to claim their love. (SOURCEBOOKS, Dec., 434 pp., $7.99)
Reviewed by: 
Kathe Robin