Image of Waltz in Time


Image of Waltz in Time

When Stephanie Sergant and her sister, Sam, inherit Harmony House, their Great-aunt Magnolia's Natchez mansion, their lives change forever. She begins to hear a violin's faint strains playing an old waltz. She also has odd dreams and hears a weeping woman, a fretting baby crying, whooping and hollering children and the sad ghost of her great-aunt. Magnolia tells Stephanie that the restless spirits won't let her go to heaven until their torment ends and that Stephanie holds the key.

Drinking a glass of wine at bedtime, Stephanie awakens in the year 1878. The ghosts who haunted Harmony House in the present are flesh and blood people, and somehow she is supposed to save them from their misery.

Believing her mission is to encourage a romance between the dashing Andre Goddard and his cousin Eddie, who stayed on after his wife's death to care for Andre's five children, Stephanie gets to the heart of the matter. Then her heart is hopelessly ensnared by Andre and his children. She valiantly fights her attraction to him to no avail, for Andre is determined to make her his own.

Eugenia Riley weaves another tantalizing time travel-with the added dimension of a spirit or two. This novel will join Ms. Riley's always original and enjoyable paranormal romances on readers' shelves to be savored time after time. (Nov., 400 pp., $5.99)

Reviewed by: 
Lizabelle Cox