Cassidy has really struck a vein with this funny series. While the story (trophy wife left flattened) is essentially a repeat, it is a tale worth repeating. Women have worth, and when knocked down by life and cretins, we can rise from the ashes of our previous lives victoriously and in possession of our sanity, health and independent selves.

Mel was a young dancer when she married her idol, a choreographer named Stan. Twenty years later, she’s teaching in a small studio and watching her famous husband judge dance shows on TV. Then one day, she’s surrounded by paparazzi armed with photos of Stan with another woman. After their divorce, she’s left without a dime and goes to live with her father in a retirement village in Jersey. Is there enough chocolate frosting in the world to recover from this? After six months of hiding, she begins teaching dance at the retirement center. Then she meets Drew, nephew of one of her most difficult seniors. Drew also has painful scars from his past. When Mel is offered a chance at Hollywood for herself, he draws a line in the sand. She doesn’t want to lose her newfound independence to a new relationship. Is Drew strong enough to let her be herself? And just who is “herself” — and what does she really want? (BERKLEY SENSATION, Mar., 352 pp., $15.00)
Reviewed by: 
Bunny Callahan