In this novella, Jordan is able to create a unique setting that is inhabited with realistic characters that are trying to survive a world that has been devastated by solar radiation. Jordan's strong leads engage in menages, as well as M/M encounters, in their quest for a more complete sense of self as they try to better fit into their respective "tribes." However, is only through sexual and emotional exploration of each other that Kadira and Ezra are finally able to learn to trust. Anyone who loves to read about new worlds, fierce warriors, and hot sex needs to get this story!

Kadira not only survives in the post-apocalyptic world, but she thrives as a fierce Wanderer. Living a semi-barbaric existence and engaging in orgies and other sexual rituals, Kadira lusts for Ezra, the leader of rival tribe. Kadira finally gets what she wants when Ezra makes her an offer that will allow him exclusive rights to her body. (Samhain, May, dl. $3.50)

*WEB EXCLUSIVE REVIEW - Note: This story contains M/M scenes *

Reviewed by: 
Dawn Crowne