Image of The Wanderer (Thunder Point)


Image of The Wanderer (Thunder Point)

No one can do small-town life like Carr, as she proves with her new series set in Thunder Point, Ore. With her trademark humor and heart, Carr easily paints a portrait of a place like the home every reader would love to inhabit. The romance is very slow to start, and then as things heat up, the secondary characters’ relationships and tribulations steal the show, highlighting Carr’s ability to create interesting characters in believable situations.

Nestled on the Oregon coast, Thunder Point is the small town where Hank Cooper plans to stop briefly to look into the death of an Army buddy — except he is the sole heir to his friend’s beachfront property. Cooper quickly gets more involved with the town and especially with fellow helicopter pilot Sarah Dupre. A divorced Coast Guard officer, raising her brother, Sarah is wary of men and commitment, so Cooper is the perfect lover. He’s been clear that he’s not a man who sticks around. When Cooper appears reluctant to move on, the couple is forced to make tough decisions to accept a future together. (MIRA, Apr., 384 pp., $7.99)
Reviewed by: 
M.H. Morrison