In all her books set in the icy wilderness of the northern provinces, Bridges brings strong, admirable heroes and independent-minded women to life. There's nothing hotter in these cold locales than her stories laced with humor, passion and danger.

Desperate to find someone to help his dying brother, Quinn Rowlan abducts the woman he thinks is the town nurse. But he actually kidnaps Autumn McNeil, an independent singer and hopeful businesswoman.

It takes days of screaming, escaping and hellraising for Autumn to convince Quinn she's not who he thinks she is. In the end, Quinn promises to release Autumn but gets stuck escorting her back home. Their journey makes them aware of the palpable attraction between them. Autumn discovers Quinn is a wanted man who has been framed because he's investigating the gang behind the murder of innocent miners. Bringing her home leads him right into the lion's den, and Autumn won't let him face the danger alone. (HARLEQUIN, Feb., 300 pp., $5.99)
Reviewed by: 
Kathe Robin