Image of A Wanted Man (Jack Reacher)


Image of A Wanted Man (Jack Reacher)

The totally addictive, positively amazing adventures of Jack Reacher continue, and Child has you in the palm of his hand throughout A Wanted Man. You’ll gladly suspend disbelief as laconic loner Jack stumbles into trouble yet again, double crosses turn into triple and quadruple ones and all branches of the government are called in on a case. Reacher’s latest road trip has it all: several strong female characters, military and federal “humor,” a well-conveyed setting, a few tidbits about the ever-elusive hero’s past and, best of all, lots of action, explosions and suspense.

In rural Nebraska, a man is murdered in a pumping station, and the local police set up roadblocks and call in the feds. Not too far away from the murder scene, Reacher hitches a ride with three people. Despite a broken nose, his senses work overtime to tell him they’re lying to him. Once he finds out why, he’ll be deep in a conspiracy of kidnapping and terrorism — and dodging bullets. (DELACORTE, Sep., 407 pp., $28.00)

Reviewed by: 
Liz French