Image of A Wanted Man (Berkley Sensation)


Image of A Wanted Man (Berkley Sensation)

It’s been a long time since Lee has written a historical romance, and this spin-off from Gossamer is worth the wait. The emotional depth, action, snappy repartee, unforgettable characters and sexual tension will grab the reader, tug at the heart and touch the mind. Lee’s talent for bringing the unexpected into her novels reaches new heights as she spins a memorable story. Welcome back, Ms. Lee!

Personal demons push Will Keegan to take over a business in San Francisco. Julie Jane Parham has come from Hong Kong to find her missing best friend, whom she believes has been sold to a brothel. She has no idea that Will uses the Silken Angel Saloon as a front to rescue Chinese girls from local brothels. There is something about the feisty flame-haired Julie that sparks Will’s desire to protect her. When Julie begins disguising herself as a Chinese laundry worker to gain entrance into the brothels, she places herself in grave danger. Only Will’s quick intervention saves her from an assassin. By allowing Julie to heal in his saloon, he brings her into his “business” and places them both in a dangerous situation — but the greatest danger comes from falling in love. (BERKLEY SENSATION, Aug., 380 pp., $7.99)

Reviewed by: 
Kathe Robin