The Three Triads have 30 days to complete a secret mission: find the one Earthman whom they've been matched with and get pregnant. Daniel is a single father who owns and runs a grocery store/gas station in a small Texas town. Before his lover passed away and her parents tried taking his son from him, he taught astronomy.

Daniel is keeping a low profile until he witnesses a strange meteor shower and the intriguing Zara comes to town. Though she's drawn to Daniel, the man she's supposed to locate is named Robert Lotello. She discovers things are not always what they appear to be—especially the many strangers that have recently appeared and seem to have a very suspicious interest in aliens and UFOs.

WANTED: ONE PERFECT MAN is an extraordinary start to this trilogy of stories about aliens among us. The otherworldly premise is exceptionally well done. Zara believably handles the problems that arise while trying to fit into a human society, and the backstory that leads to her earthly visit is skillfully explained. The hero and secondary characters round out this sci-fi romance very nicely. (Feb., 384 pp., $5.99)

Reviewed by: 
Susan Mobley