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Ms. Riley has penned a rootin' tootin' western time-travel brimming with love and laughter. For anyone who loves the wild, wild west and a Yosemite Sam hero who looks like an angel, Sam and Annie's noble plight will win your heart.

Annie Dillon purchases the ghost town, Deadend, hoping to turn it into a rip-roaring tourist attraction. She meets there with the Silver Wind Cheyenne band, who claim the town as part of their tribal lands and are suing for rights. Unable to dissuade them, Annie is leaving when a whirlwind swirls through leaving in its wake one ornery bounty hunter named Sam Noble.

Sam intends to bring Rotten Rosie to justice. Annie is flabbergasted to see her great-great grandmother's picture under the words, "Rotten Rosie, wanted dead or alive for murder and other crimes most foul," on a wanted poster. Worse, the crazy man thinks she's Rosie and he's hauling her off to the hangman.

All the strange happenings begin to add up and Annie is sure she's in the 1880's. Despite Sam's determination to carry out justice, Annie must find a way to convince him she's not Rosie.

Things don't go as Sam planned and he wishes Annie was who she claims, for his feelings run too deep to see her hang. Sam takes Annie to the Cheyenne village where his grandmother is a medicine woman. There, Sam learns he must look in his soul for the answer. Annie and Sam's adventure leads them a merry chase until time catches up with them.

(Feb., 391 pp., $5.99)

Reviewed by: 
Lizabelle Cox