Image of Perilous Pleasures (Astrology)


Image of Perilous Pleasures (Astrology)

Here is the entertaining, long-awaited story featuring vampire Phineas. It’s a bit lighter than Sparks’ previous books, though there is still the bad guy to defeat, the heroine to win and a satisfying ending. Quite fun!

Vampire Phineas McKinney has gained popularity in the vampire world as spokesman for Blardonnay, a blood and Chardonnay drink. He puts his popularity to use working undercover to catch Corky Courrant, who’s trying to set herself up as the new leader of the Malcontents. The hunt is on, which is how Phineas ends up sharing a secluded cabin with werewolf Brynley Jones, who claims to hate vampires, but can’t help being attracted to Phineas. Only Corky isn’t their only problem, as Brynley’s father once again attempts to force her to marry. (AVON, Apr., 384 pp., $7.99)

Reviewed by: 
Susan Mobley