Wren Bradley, the cherished and pampered daughter of the Pinkerton Agencys most respected Colonel, is dying of boredom. She knows her soul will dry up if shes not allowed to explore the world.

Cord Caldwell, legendary Pinkerton, has been suspended and to get his hard-won position back he must catch Sackett, the man responsible for destroying his life. But a cloaked womans appearance gives his enemy the opportunity for freedom.

The woman is Wren, who professed her undying love to him nine years ago. Wrens brush with death serves only to crystallize her resolve to live her own life, but she soon finds that she cant break free of Cord or the passion he incites in her.

The promised talent we recognized in her debut novel has blossomed into all-out skill in Ms. Wades newest romp of a tale. Funny, poignant, crisp, A WANTED WOMAN takes its deserved place on the best of the new writers shelf. Ms. Wade will have you laughing and crying, and experiencing once more the fragile hope of love unleashed. SENSUAL (Nov., 384 pp., $5.99)

Reviewed by: 
Anne Black