Taken prisoner by the Apaches as a child, a young woman is brought to the Nogales convent to help her regain her memory and learn how to live in a white-mans world. Named Mary by the nuns, she slowly becomes reacquainted with society, but never regains the knowledge of who she is until a man claims she is the long-lost heiress Anna Regent Wright.

All Mary has of her past is a locket. She is ready to take on an identity, hoping to discover a family, a home and a future.

Brit Caruth, the heir to the Regent Ranch, is none too pleased when a woman claiming to be Anna arrives. When her grandmother recognizes her stunning blonde hair and finds that the beautiful stranger recalls some childhood memories, she is sure Anna has come home at last.

But is Mary really Anna? Even she has trouble believing that she is an heiress, but if she isnt Anna, then how does she know so much about the ranch and pieces of the past? All she knows is that Brit resents her, but the powerful sexual attraction between them is undeniable.

Under the blazing Arizona sun, their passion heats up. Its impossible for Anna and Brit not to become loversjust as her grandmother hopes. Yet will revelations about the past threaten Annas future and her desire for Brit?

Nan Ryan knows how to heat up the pages and youre sure to need an air conditioner while reading WANTING YOU. The highly charged tale will keep you riveted and wondering about Annas identity until the end. Beautifully crafted characters, a powerful story and sizzling sensuality have always made Nan Ryans romances special. WANTING YOU is no exception. VERY SENSUAL (Aug., 380 pp., $5.99)

Reviewed by: 
Kathe Robin