Image of Wanton:The Pack of St.James


Image of Wanton:The Pack of St.James

Steeped heavily in the seedy underworld of 19th-century England, Wanton picks up the story of the Pack of St. James. The romance and sex start off hot and heavy, but the relationship quickly fades into the background as several other storylines take over. Appearances of previous characters add some depth, and Mack's knack for mystery and darkness prevails.

A killer is targeting harlot women and leaving evidence behind that implicates the Pack of St. James. The timing couldn't be worse for current pack leader Marko, who's fallen in love with the woman of his dreams. He must cut off communication with her to protect her and his pack, a resolution that falls apart when he discovers she's more directly involved with the murders than he'd ever have dreamed. He fears he won't be able to keep promises to her and his pack and stop the killer in time. (Brava, Aug., 304 pp., $14.00)
Reviewed by: 
Jennifer Madsen