Anna Wileys compassion saves her life and that of the orphans she is bringing west when she rescues Lame Bird. When their wagon train is attacked by the Cheyenne, her act of kindness saves her life, as the attacker is Lame Birds brother, War Cloud.

Anna bargains with War Cloud to lead them to a white settlement where she might find homes for the children. Once there, the ancestors tell War Cloud that Anna is the one to break a family curse.

Through their journey Anna learns of War Clouds people and their traditions. The more courage Anna shows, the more War Clouds passion stirs. Anna is attracted to the warrior and agrees to be like a wife to him for their safety.

His fear of the curse compels War Cloud to refuse Anna and her love. But circumstances throw them together once more, as Anna tries to help War Cloud and his people from annihilation.

After a slow start, WAR CLOUDS PASSION caught this readers attention. This is a lovely story of devotion and how love and strong beliefs can overcome any obstacles. Indian romance readers who are familiar with Ms. Kays work will find this another enjoyable read. SENSUAL (Jul., 375 pp., $5.99)

Reviewed by: 
Jill Brager