Theo Vilmos is a garage band singer with no ambition. When his girlfriend miscarries their baby and kicks him out of her life, Theo thinks he's hit rock-bottom. Then he finds his great-uncle's diary and reads about another world—a world of fairy. When a monster tries to kill Theo and he's rescued by a foul-mouthed sprite named Applecore, Theo discovers the diary isn't fiction. Applecore forces Theo into a one-way trip into the land of Faerie, which isn't anything Theo had imagined. Fairy steeds share the road with magic-powered autos, skyscrapers are next to hovels, telephones and electricity. However, separate factions want Theo—either dead or in their control. Tad Williams' THE WAR OF THE FLOWERS (4.5) is an intense urban fantasy of fairies, changelings and the end of the world. Readers who like Emma Bull's War for the Oaks or Mercedes Lackey's SerrATED Edge series will enjoy Williams' richly detailed, fully developed world of mortal vs. fairy. (Jun., 656 pp., $24.95)

Reviewed by: 
Kelly Rae Cooper