Image of War Games: Kill Zone


Image of War Games: Kill Zone

Part of Hinze's War Games series (previously released via Silhouette Bombshell), this story contains an engrossing situation that ratchets up the suspense. Unique
characters try to capture an evil-to-the-
core villain before he strikes again.
Hinze ends this outing with a perfect
setup for the next adventure.

Psychologist Morgan Cabot is part of an elite secret military group called the Special Abilities Team. She and her combat-trained colleagues can see, hear and feel things that others cannot.

The secretary of defense calls on the team to track down and capture Thomas Kunz, a sadistic terrorist who specializes in black-market arms sales and intelligence brokering. Kunz's latest target seems to be Bruce Stern, a biological warfare expert. Stern's wife has been murdered, so the military brings in his brother Jackson to work with the team to determine if Bruce murdered his wife or if it's the work of Kunz. What they find is even more chilling than they imagined. (MEDALLION, Jul., 334 pp., $7.95)

Reviewed by: 
Sandra Garcia-Myers