Image of Warrior (The Cat Star Chronicles, Book 2)


Image of Warrior (The Cat Star Chronicles, Book 2)

This second in Brooks' Cat Star
series once again presents a sexy
and fascinating hero. It also introduces a strong heroine with some interesting psychic powers. The animals lend
a light and humorous tone, and the
ending is nicely blood free. It
certainly leaves the reader eager
for the next story featuring these
captivating aliens.

On the planet Utopia, healer witch Tisana ends up taking care of offworlder slave Leccarian (Leo) Banadänsk. Tisana is immediately fascinated by him, and soon their attraction develops into love.

Tisana attempts to think of some way she can get Rafe, Leo's owner and her ex-lover, to sell or give Leo to her, and the opportunity presents itself when Rafe comes to her seeking help to find his kidnapped sons.

With Leo's ability to track and Tisana's gift of telepathic speech with animals, they are soon on the kidnapper's trail. But it's not long before Tisana realizes there's more to this kidnapping than Rafe is telling -- something that puts all of their lives in danger.

(Sourcebooks, Oct., 324 pp., $6.99)

Reviewed by: 
Susan Mobley