Image of The Warrior


Image of The Warrior

Readers not averse to the concepts of reincarnation and immortality will find this tale gripping and difficult to put down. The hero is a wonderful character, and he's well matched by heroine Alicia. Her father, Richard, is a
chilling villain, but the story might
have benefited from further explanation of his motivations.

After accidentally learning that her arms-manufacturer father is selling weapons to terrorists, Alicia Ponte flees her home -- and Richard Ponte's influence. Infuriated, Richard sends one of his men to bring her back, but John Nightwalker comes to Alicia's rescue instead.

She accepts Nightwalker's help and protection because she has little choice but soon comes to feel a kinship with the reticent man. The truth about Nightwalker -- and his centuries-long quest to bring Richard Ponte to justice for ancient crimes as well as his more recent ones -- is almost impossible for Alicia to grasp. But grasp it she must -- if she's to survive. (MIRA, Apr., 432 pp., $7.99)
Reviewed by: 
Catherine Witmer