Archer kicks off her exciting and magical Blades of the Rose series with a story that is part Indiana Jones, part The Mummy and all high-stakes adventure. The protagonists are engaged in a quest to stop a plot for world domination. The exotic locale — 1874 Mongolia — and the sense of urgency and danger make this romantic adventure pure passionate pleasure!

Captain Gabriel Huntley, formerly of Her Majesty’s Army, is just back to England when he intervenes in an attack against a lone man. The man, Anthony Morris, is mortally wounded, but asks Huntley to deliver a vital message to Franklin Burgess in Urga, Outer Mongolia. Huntley agrees to seek out Burgess, a Blade of the Rose, part of an organization dedicated to keeping powerful magical objects or “sources” out of the hands of “Heirs” who plan to use their magic to control the world. With Burgess suffering from a broken leg, it will be up to his daughter Thalia and Huntley to locate the Mongolian Source before a ruthless Heir does. (ZEBRA, Sep., 376 pp., $6.99)
Reviewed by: 
Jill M. Smith