Image of Warrior (Fallen)


Image of Warrior (Fallen)

If you like your heroes dark and edgy, then Douglas serves up a protagonist to savor in the third outing of her Fallen series. The author continues to build her absorbing world, where fallen angels fight to break archangel Uriel’s vicious rule. The evolution of the protagonists’ relationship is rocky, but still wonderfully compelling. Douglas and dark, gritty romance are made for each other!

Archangel Michael is on a mission to save both the Fallen and humanity from archangel Uriel and the armies of heaven. The Fallen’s war against Uriel is growing more dire and Martha’s vision tells them they will need the assistance of the reborn Roman goddess of war, who is also Michael’s destined mate. Michael’s emotions are iced over and he wants no mate, but fate and destiny have other ideas. Victoria Bellona has been raised and kept in a tower, awaiting her 25th birthday, when she will either be called to serve or be killed. As Tory quickly learns, Michael is no Prince Charming, but by choosing to accompany him, she decides to challenge her fate. The prophecy that links Tory and Michael is grim and deadly, but ignoring it could doom mankind. (POCKET, May, 384 pp., $7.99)
Reviewed by: 
Jill M. Smith