He is Alexander, son of Alexander the Great, destined to rule an empire and marry the Egyptian princess Mereret. But when his bride gifts him with a lovely slave girl, Alexander's life takes a dramatic turn.

Kiara of the emerald eyes is a captive from Eire, an island of misty hills far from the heat of the Egyptian desert. She longs to return home to the cool green fields, but she sees in Alexander a true warrior who would risk much for those he loves.

As plans move forward for a wedding that will unite two great families, intrigue and deception swirl around Alexander, his betrothed and his parents and siblings. He must rely on Kiara to help him escape a trap. In exchange, he vows to escort her home, not knowing how the journey will change all their lives and bring them a love more valuable then any kingdom.

This tale takes you on a magical, action-packed journey into the heart of a great and powerful man and into a time and place like no other. French paints exciting, colorful portraits of these ancient people, their political mechanisms, their culture and the courage of their women. SENSUAL (Dec., 358 pp., $6.99)
Reviewed by: 
Kathe Robin