King William's loyal knight, Tristan D'Argent, comes to claim his prize, Seacrest Castle, and his bride. He discovers his keep under the control of Nigel and Lady Ellora, who have plotted to marry Tristan to Ellora's daughter, Bertie.

But it is Bertie's half-sister, the spirited "faery" Haith, who Tristan knows as the woman of his vision, his destiny.

Haith is shocked when she sees the man of her dreams in the flesh. Though he is her sister's betrothed, Haith cannot resist believing he is her true love. His profession of love cannot calm her fears. She knows they will face great obstacles before they can even hope for a future together.

Debut author Grothaus presents an epic-style medieval with intrigue, betrayal, passion and just enough magic to catch readers' attention. The Warrior begins with a gripping, fresh opening, but the pace slows. Though the characters continue to hold their appeal, the plot is predicable.

Grothaus definitely has talent and a true feel for the era, giving the impression that she has what it takes to become a strong voice. SENSUAL (Mar., 380 pp., $3.99)
Reviewed by: 
Kathe Robin