Fallon merges epic fantasy with
political intrigue and delivers a thrilling, page-turning saga. The
complex characters and plot twists
are perfect for those who like their sword-and-sorcery on a higher
level. This is an ambitious, detailed
epic whose end rips readers
from a world they won't want
to leave.

The second in a trilogy, Warrior continues the chronicles of Marla Wolfblade, the fascinating puppet master of her country's throne. Marla acts proactively and secretly to protect her young son Damin, the country's incumbent ruler, from assassination attempts and manipulation, all while concealing her knowledge of his tormentor's identity.

The novel places equal focus on each of the children in Marla's care, and achieves the almost-impossible feat of granting each his or her own moving, complex tale. (TOR, Sep., 512 pp., $25.95)
Reviewed by: 
Jennifer Scarpati