Image of Warrior


Image of Warrior

Fans of Knight's classic Jane's Warlord will be thrilled that she's returned to this universe. She doesn't skimp on the danger or violence, which makes the plot treacherous and exciting. And since this is a Knight book, there's also supremely sensuous sex!

For 21st-century artist Jessica Kelly, one night changes everything. First her roommate, Charlotte, places drops of blood on her forehead, then a Xer cyborg breaks in and tries to kill her. Temporal agent Galar Arvid has been sent through time to prevent Jessica's murder. What Galar can't figure out is why the Xer want both Charlotte -- and now Jessica -- dead?

Waking up in another time is not easy, but with Galar's help, Jessica manages. But taking Jessica out of time doesn't lower the risk. To stop them, Jessica and Galar must unlock the secret in Jessica's brain. (BERKLEY, Jul., 277 pp., $7.99)
Reviewed by: 
Jill M. Smith