Brennan's excellent first novel Doppelganger set up a unique quest and conflict for her heroine -- or heroines, as it were. This sequel picks up the action and throws the readers right into a philosophical war, where change is viewed as evil and its agents are to be eliminated. Brennan crafts a thought-provoking, exciting and entertaining read.

Having been the first witch and doppelganger warrior to realize that rather than killing each other, becoming one is the ultimate goal, the twin heroines Miryo and Mirage are now one woman: Mirei. Unfortunately, there are many in the Prime Witch society that view Mirei as an abomination and want to continue the practice of killing the doppelgangers.

A faction of the witches begins waging war on Mirei, first by going after remaining young doppelgangers and then by entrapping Mirei's best friend, the Hunter Eclipse, into a blood oath to kill her. There has never been a being such as Mirei; does she have the magic and political savvy to save her friends and re-make society? (WARNER, Oct., 464 pp., $6.99)
Reviewed by: 
Jill M. Smith