Image of Warrior Avenged: The Sons of the Zodiac


Image of Warrior Avenged: The Sons of the Zodiac

This second in the Zodiac Warriors series is a well-told version of the immortal band of brothers fighting evil tale. The worldbuilding is solid and the characters filled in without endless exposition. While the storyline is not new, this is a great addition to the genre. The story stands on its own, so you won’t feel lost without book one.

Nemesis may be a goddess now, but she started life as a nymph unjustly cursed by Zeus. She’s been seeking vengeance ever since. But now that she’s met Kane, she’s regretting the bargain she made with a dark sorcerer, one that will lead to Kane’s downfall. She seems to have developed an ability to feel emotions — but is it too late? Kane, the Scorpio of the zodiac warriors, battles the poison the sorcerer cursed him with 300 years ago. Every year thus far he’s won the battle, but this time there is another war raging within his heart. Who is the mystery woman he had that wonderful encounter with, and why can’t he forget her? (SIGNET ECLIPSE, Sep., 384 pp., $7.99)
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Bunny Callahan