The Rogue Fox, Lachlan MacGowan, vows to find and reward the warrior, Hunter, who saved his life. The problem is that Hunter doesn't want anything from Lachlan, which only makes the mighty Highlander more determined to find out what Hunter is hiding.

Rhona Fraser has fought so long she's forgotten what it's like to be a woman, until Lachlan comes along. She'd rather he just go away instead of trying to reward and protect her. However, once he discovers her identity and sees her talking to an enemy of their clan he sticks to her like glue.

There is more to Rhona than meets the eye as the truth behind her birthright is discovered. I was truly captivated by the strong characters and deep emotions that emanate from the pages of this fast-paced novel. There are several surprises and plenty of humor (created by charming, sexy Lachlan) and a great deal of poignancy, so that THE WARRIOR BRIDE rounds out the series to perfection. SENSUAL (Nov., 372 pp., $5.99)

Reviewed by: 
Kathe Robin