Image of Warrior of the Isles


Image of Warrior of the Isles

Mazzuca has created a delightful blend of magic, adventure and romance. Her characters will easily capture the imagination and heart of readers.

Laird Aidan MacLeod hates the fae for the grief they caused his family. He has enough trouble trying to feed his clan and rein in his wild baby brother, Lachlan. The last thing he needs is a mysterious bonnie lass who stirs his blood and causes trouble. Fae princess Syrena is charged with bringing the half-mortal Lachlan home to the Enchanted Isles. The last thing she expects is to be rejected by him or to be so attracted to Aidan. But when he learns her true identity, Aidan turns away from her. Then Lachlan is kidnapped and fae and mortal must unite to save him and both their worlds from an ancient evil. (ZEBRA, May, 352 pp., $6.99)

Reviewed by: 
Maria Ferrer