Image of Warrior Rising (Goddess Summoning, Book 6)


Image of Warrior Rising (Goddess Summoning, Book 6)

In Cast's latest charming, blithe, always fun rendition of ancient Greek legends, another heroine from Tulsa goes into the past. Cast keeps the bones of the legend and also includes a romance with modern flavor. Her heroines are spunky, real and genuine, and the ancient goddesses and heroes are
true to their period but also able to welcome these modern dames with aplomb. Clear an afternoon to curl
up with this one.

Hera, Venus and Athena are sick of the Trojan War. They're appalled by the rumor that they started it, disgusted with how long it has gone on and impatient with all the testosterone-laden posturing that keeps it up. They decide that if Achilles was convinced to stop fighting, the Trojans would win and everybody could go home. The problem is, he goes into these berserker rages and is virtually unbeatable--and his whole life is dedicated to battle.

What he needs is a little anger management therapy and a modern woman to stand up to him. Venus goes to her favorite modern city, Tulsa, to see who she can round up. She finds Kat, a psychologist, and her best friend Jackie, a trauma nurse, and brings them to Troy. Then the games really begin! Will Achilles and his friend Patroclus find true love in the midst of war?

(Berkley Sensation, May, 352 pp., $14.00)

Reviewed by: 
Bunny Callahan