Russell, the winner of RT's American
Title II contest last year, debuts with
an action-packed, emotion-driven story that immediately captures your attention. Readers yearning for strong heroines and masterful men will find them here, along with a carefully plotted story. Russell's fresh voice secures her
a place on the to-buy list.

For centuries the women of Scotia's clan have preserved the safety of the Stone of Destiny. As the ruthless Four Horsemen scour Scotland for the stone and the Warrior Trainer, Ian MacKinnon seeks Scotia's aid. She must train him to protect his clan, and he does not know that he was promised as Scotia's mate long ago.

Scotia has her own agenda -- training warriors is only part of her dream. She craves revenge on the horseman who killed her mother and trains Ian in hope of having the opportunity to battle the horsemen herself. The immediate and overwhelming sexual attraction between them is palpable. Neither is strong enough to resist destiny, either on the battlefield or in each other's arms. (Leisure, Jan., 300 pp., $5.99)

Reviewed by: 
Kathe Robin