Second in the McJames family chronicles is a tale as vibrant and sensual as the era in which it is set. Strong characters, befitting of the times yet appealing to the modern reader, set this tale apart from the usual and will have readers begging for more.

Bronwyn McQuade has been raised by a mean and vengeful father who refuses to dower his only daughter. While riding their lands Bronwyn meets Cullen McJames. She has no idea he's her clan's enemy, but her brothers see to it their father hears of her betrayal.

Cullen believes marriage to Bronwyn would assuage her father's need for vengeance. He also knows her father would never agree, so he steals his bride away, using his powers of seduction to win her as his wife. Her father's sudden death leaves her a land-wealthy woman. That's why her brothers decide to follow their father's dictate to kill her. Bronwyn and Cullen reach an uneasy alliance; perhaps there is hope for peace in the Highlands. (BRAVA, Feb., 304 pp., $14.00)

Reviewed by: 
Jill Brager