Sir George de Gramercie needs a wife. On his way to ask for the hand of his neighbor's daughter, he meets a rough and tumble young woman just thrown from her horse. George is surprised when he realizes the woman, acting as a peasant, is in fact the woman he intends to ask for in marriage.

Lady Alleas Dugall is more warrior than lady. She knows nothing of how to run a household or what a husband expects from a wife. She refuses Sir George's proposal until the young man she always dreamed of marrying scorns her.

Heartbroken, Alleas agrees to wed George. Misunderstandings abound from the beginning. Alleas cannot run a home, she cannot read and she has no idea how to dress. But when she suspects two of George's trusted friends of cheating him, she and George work together to save their fortune, their lives and their blossoming love.

Margaret Moore gives the reader good depth of character, bringing the traits of jealousy, understanding and love to the forefront of her medieval tale. SENSUAL (Jan., 250 pp., $4.99)

Reviewed by: 
Cyndie-Dennis Greer