Emma Trent is determined to get to Oregon and start a new life for herself and her half-breed son. She purchases passage on a wagon train, but the small group of travelers want to throw her off because she is unmarried.

Then they lose their wagon master and gain a reputation for being trouble. It is nearly impossible to recruit a new leader.

Wanted for murder in both the white mans world and that of the Shoshone, the half-Shoshone warrior, Rider, is the only man willing to lead the trainfor a price: gold and Emma. Emma has no choice but to reluctantly agree. No one knows the truth about her son; no one knows of the fear Riders touch can bring to a woman once hurt by a warrior.

The rigors of the trail, Indian attacks, fights between members of the train, problems between spouses and even people from their past, conspire to drive Rider and Emma apart. Yet Emma can no longer deny her growing attraction to Rider.

Time and again, Georgina Gentry brings the American West to life; this time with vivid and accurate descriptions of life on the westward trail and a cast of fascinating characters. The old West was the original Survivor, but Ms. Gentry shows us its no game. SENSUAL (Sep., 400 pp., $5.99)

Reviewed by: 
Kathe Robin